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We Use Collaborative Techniques to Resolve Conflict

Collaborative Techniques Work

Family Mediation Solutions Provides Help With:

  • Dissolution of Marriage or Relationship
  • Separation Agreements
  • Parenting Plans (time-sharing)
  • Child Support
  • Alimony
  • Division of Property
  • Modification
  • Post Dissolution/Separation Issues

With Family Mediation Solutions, divorcing and separating parties receive the benefit of Bhakti and Pam, both collaboratively trained Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediators. Bhakti is a mental health provider with skills to help them devise their parenting plan as well as to help manage any emotional hurdles they may encounter while Pam's skills help them understand the law as well as help them through the legaleze.

Services Available

  • Family Mediation 
  • Couples Mediation 
  • Post Divorce Mediation 
  • Family Conflict Mediation 
  • Restructuring Families 

Benefits of Family Mediation:

  • Protecting Futures 
  • Preserving Families 
  • Voluntary Confidential Process 
  • Parties Make Their Own Decisions 
  • Length Of Time Determined by Participants
  • Saves Money

Working together we help you craft the right agreement for your family, enabling you to co-parent your children with respect for one another. We help you move into the future with dignity, honoring the happy aspects of your history as you transition from sharing a home and daily life to living apart.

Don't destroy your family when you dissolve your marriage or partnership. Restructure it with respect and dignity.

We work with married, never married, and divorced couples and parents who want to put family first and save money and time by reaching their own sensible agreements to avoid divorce court.

Mediation Is A Cost Effective Alternative To Divorce Court With More Satisfying Results

Mediation participants are able to: 

  • Make their own choices 
  • Create better results 
  • Improve relationships for the future 

"Offering professional divorce and family mediation services to the Gainesville and greater Florida area."