What Is Family Mediation?

Family mediation is a process in which family members experiencing conflict work together with the help of mediators to resolve their concerns in an amicable manner.

What Is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is the process in which divorcing spouses negotiate an acceptable settlement with the help of a neutral mediator. A mediator helps spouses communicate and negotiate without making decisions for them. 

Who can benefit from Family Mediation Solutions?

  • Married Couples
  • Unmarried Couples 
  • Same Sex Couples 
  • Previously Divorced Couples 
  • Any Family with Separation or Divorce Issues and a Desire to Save Money and Reach Mutual Agreement. 

While mediation is useful at any time, it is most cost effective when used as a first step in the divorce process. Mediation can work anytime. But you acquire the greatest value and save the most money when you make Family Mediation Solutions your first choice.

Our focus is on helping you do what is best for you and your family in the future, rather than concentrating on blaming one another for past mistakes. We spend our time helping you resolve conflict quickly so you save time and money.

If you already have lawyers and want them to be included in the mediation sessions, they are welcome to join us but lawyers are not required.

Working as part of our team, you and your spouse or partner make well-informed, mutual decisions because we help you understand the law and talk with each other in a way you can be understood. Because we are all part of the same team, you and your spouse/partner can more easily make well-informed and satisfying decisions. We help you understand the law and understand each other so you can work together. Then, if you wish, we can refer you to local attorneys to review your agreement.

Gainesville, FLordia MediationHaving worked for many years in the traditional family law setting, we have learned that courts are not good places for families. Courts are expensive and frightening places for families. Litigation can be devastating and should be a last resort. Choose mediation first.  

It doesn't matter how good the lawyers and judges might be, courts turn family members into adversaries. Family Mediation Solutions offers a safe and collaborative approach to divorce, separation or other dissolution of your relationship in an innovative way that is less divisive and more compassionate to all family members.  

Family Mediation Solutions provides the benefits of a collaborative approach with mediation. Our mediators are not only certified by the Supreme Court of the State of Florida, but also have extensive collaborative training. They are well-respected and experienced members of their respective professions and able to make their knowledge available to you.  

We help you decide for yourselves how your family will function after divorce or other family restructuring.  

Our capable mediators help you steer clear of the obstacles to and move toward amicable decision-making, resulting in well-crafted agreements regarding co-parenting, time-sharing and finances. Your choices are made in private rather than in the public arena of a courthouse. Couples can advance toward a final agreement as slowly or as quickly as they choose.  

Whatever kind of family dispute you face, we can help you reach the most satisfying result possible for your family.  

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