How Family Mediation Works

  • Bhakti, Pam, you and your partner/spouse work together as a team 
  • We meet in a safe, private location 
  • We agree to treat each other with respect and dignity 
  • We maintain confidentiality 
  • We talk together 
  • We listen to each other 
  • We explain the law so you can understand it 
  • We guide you through preparation of your parenting plan 
  • We craft a settlement agreement based on the decisions you and your partner/spouse make 

The Team ­- Our team is composed of a neutral family lawyer, a neutral family counselor, and you. Together we address all aspects of divorce, separation or relationship dissolution - financial, legal, and emotional - with a family-centered approach that keeps your problems private. We enable you to maintain your privacy.

The Method - Using collaborative techniques to ensure that everyone is working toward the best outcome for the entire family, we explore and explain your options together. Our professional mediators help you gather information, examine various workable property division alternatives, and consider possible time sharing/co-parenting arrangements enabling you to negotiate an agreement that is advantageous for everyone in the family. The control of the cost, outcome, and future for yourselves and your children stays in your capable hands.

The Communication - We help you talk with and hear each other in new and constructive ways.

The Resolution - Once all issues have been agreed upon, we draft a Mediated Marital Settlement Agreement, including the parenting plan, for your signatures.

Ending a relationship is difficult. Mediation does not make it easy, but our mediators make it EASIER. Using collaborative methods, we help couples transition their relationships with dignity in a less expensive, less time consuming and less agonizing manner than the traditional, adversarial process. Our goal is to enable you to best obtain the safest, happiest future possible for you and your family.

"Offering professional divorce and family mediation services to the Gainesville and greater Florida area."